Del Barco

Inventory Management System


Web App

Complete Stock Management: Offers a system to manage the factory stock, allowing a detailed tracking of brew ingredients, products in process and finished products. This allows for quick identification of any variances or restocking needs.

Brewing Log: This application meticulously tracks every stage of the brewing process, from ingredient selection to fermentation. With a detailed record of each step, brewers can maintain complete control over production and ensure the consistent quality of their craft beer.

Recipe Management: This platform allows users to create and manage their beer recipes with ease. By meticulously detailing ingredients, quantities, and production steps for each recipe, users can achieve standardization and seamless replication of their brewing processes. Additionally, the application automatically calculates production costs associated with each recipe, providing brewers with a clear understanding of their product's profitability.

Intuitive & Customizable Interface: Boasts a user-friendly interface that seamlessly adapts to the unique needs of each brewery. With its customizable features, users can tailor the software to align perfectly with their workflows and preferences, ensuring an effortless and efficient brewing experience.

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